Audit quality and audit firm size

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Financial audit

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Improving and maintaining audit quality

They say a rose is a rose is a rose. But what about an external audit of your business? Unlike sugar, wheat, or coffee beans, audits are not a commodity — and they’re not created equal. The purpose of this study is to examine the association between audit firm size (Big 4 vs.

non-Big 4) and audit quality for nonprofit hospitals receiving a Circular A audit under the Single Audit Act. SUMMARY: Using a large sample of U.S.


audit client firms over the period –, this paper investigates whether and how the size of a local practice office within an audit firm (hereafter, office size) is a significant, engagement-specific factor determining audit quality and audit fees over and beyond audit firm size at the national.

Audit Quality and Audit Firm Size: Revisited by Dan A. Simunic The University of British Columbia December, Background: 1.

Research Insights: Drivers for Voluntary Audit in Small German Companies

Audit quality is an important element of corporate governance – although it’s unclear whether audit quality and other aspects of corporate governance (e.g.

director knowledge and independence) are fundamentally complements or substitutes. Their study revealed there is a positive relationship between firm size, board independence and audit quality whereas there is a negative relationship between auditor’s independence, audit firm size, audit tenure and audit quality.

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Where ASIC audit inspections or internal firm quality reviews identify that sufficient appropriate audit evidence has not been obtained, firms should remediate deficiencies by obtaining the evidence necessary to support the audit opinion.

Audit quality and audit firm size
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