Coagulation and flocculation

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Coagulation / Flocculation / Filtration

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Flocculation Test Procedure

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Water treatment coagulation and flocculation, is polyaluminium chloride(PAC), an emerging water purification material. Coagulation neutralizes repelling colloidal solution Allowing polluting matter to form floccules Coagulant added into fully mixed tanks with short retention time and high turbulence mixing Coagulants can be chitosan (natural), poly-aluminium chloride, aluminium sulfate Flocculation is considered more gentle mixing process Addition of flocculants aid small floccules to gather for easier.

In the Coagulation and Flocculation solids processes,nonsettleable solids are converted into large and heavier settleables solids by physical- chemical changes brought about by adding and mixing coagulant chemicals into the raw settleable solids can then be removed by the sedimentation and filtration processes.

1 Drinking Water Treatment: Coagulation, Flocculation, and Sedimentation Subject Area(s) Environmental Systems, Chemistry Associated Unit Drinking Water Treatment Process. Flocculation: Collision and aggregation of the destabilized particles into large flocs (transport step).

* Often, Coagulation and flocculation are used interchangeably. flocculation [flok″u-la´shun] the formation of a precipitate or agglomerate in the form of downy tufts or floccules.

flocculation test any serologic test in which flocculation takes place; usually applied to a variant form of the precipitin reaction.

Flocculants for Sand and Gravel

floc·cu·la·tion (flok'yū-lā'shŭn), Do not confuse this word with floccillation. Precipitation.

Coagulation and flocculation
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