Dbz is nice and cool

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Anime Characters with the COOLEST name!

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Bay time, no see. Contains sounds, diplomacy videos, and other cool stuff. Slowly, sounds cool, yo. Cool picture Sailormoon is my favorite crossover pairing with Goku hes my favorite Z fighter looking forward to more of your work Reply Queen-Vegeta69 Featured By Owner Mar 8.

Dragon Ball Online 572

I like DragonBall Z- Ultimate Hostia because it is fun, exciting, full of action and the graphics are good. The game is very cool. The only flaw is that the game is not in English and the game is too easy.

DBZ-Seeker. Nice game but it could use more char's skills and better graphics, but its nice. The series is a sequel to Dragon Ball Heroes: Super Charisma Mission!

It has its own continuity and version of events based upon the plot. Look I get it if you don’t think there’s a deeper meaning but if others happen to relate or find one then that’s for them. If you don’t then it’s chill and if you do then that’s cool too. Bulma x Vegeta = Sexy.

eshfemme. Posts: Ultra Fan. eshfemme. Ultra Fan. it was so interesting how a lot of the little one-shots were such a mirror of the same sentiments expressed by the DBZ fans on this board.

So despite the cultural and social gap with the differences between Japanese and European culture, there are still fans that.

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Dbz is nice and cool
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