Dengue fever and capillary refill time

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Dengue Treatment & Management

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60 GUIDELINES FOR MANAGEMENT OF DENGUE HAEMORRHAGIC FEVER (DHF) GUIDELINES FOR MANAGEMENT OF DENGUE HAEMORRHAGIC FEVER (DHF) Case definition of DHF 1 •Poor capillary refill time (CRT) >2 seconds. •Cold, clammy extremities, restlessness.


Management of dengue fever in children increased capillary refill time, narrowing of pulse pressure, weak distal pulses, oliguria and altered conscious level. Dehydration is an excessive loss of water from the body tissues, often accompanied by an imbalance of sodium, potassium, chloride, and other can occur whenever fluids are lost and not adequately replaced, especially when an individual does not drink enough fluids.

Sep 28,  · Dengue Treatment & Management. Updated: Sep 28, Author: Suzanne Moore Shepherd, MD, MS Patients with known or suspected dengue fever should have their platelet count and hematocrit measured daily from the third day of illness until days after defervescence.

Prolonged capillary refill time.

Dengue fever

Cool or. Peripheral vascular collapse is determined in children via delayed capillary refill, rapid heart rate, or cold extremities. The classification divided dengue into undifferentiated fever, dengue fever, and dengue hemorrhagic fever.

From that time untilepidemics were infrequent. Dengue Fever. Presented by: Anthony Emmanuel F. Contreras Junior Intern Department of Pediatrics MCU-FDTMF Hospital increased capillary refill time, narrowing of pulse pressure, weak distal pulses, oliguria, and an altered conscious level Systolic pressure within the normal range Signs of shock: tachycardia, cool extremities, increased.

Dengue fever and capillary refill time
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