Gay rights in trinidad and tobago

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LGBT rights in Trinidad and Tobago

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Trinidad and Tobago

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YES or No to Gay rights?

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Trinidad and Tobago’s High Court has ruled that a colonial-era law that criminalized gay sex goes against basic human rights. Judge Devindra Rampersad authored the landmark ruling.

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, Friday February 24, – He has been disowned by his family and taunted for his sexual preference, and now gay rights activist Jason Jones is fighting back.

The. Local gay rights advocates have welcomed the decision of the Trinidad and Tobago Constitutional Court to strike down the decades-old buggery laws.

High Court judge Devindra Rampersad handed down the ruling yesterday in the case brought by LGBT. Jun 07,  · Two months ago Trinidad and Tobago decriminalized consensual gay sex, which was previously punishable with up to 25 years in prison.

While the news has invigorated LGBT rights advocates, the picture for gay rights in the region is still far from ideal: Same-sex relations are still illegal in nine Caribbean countries, all of which are part of the British Janice Marie Johnson.

Gay marriage on the rise

WHILE WE in Trinidad and Tobago observed Divali yesterday, billions across the world will today Just a number Law Association: Respect gay rights Middle man: A man wears a sign of bibilcal references amid members of the gay community outside the. Jason Jones, a Trinidad and Tobago born human rights activist is challenging the country’s anti-sodomy law.

Last Thursday, 23 FebruaryJones filed a petition to the court challenging Sections 13 and 16 of the country’s Sexual Offenses Act, which outlaws “buggery,” and penalizes those accused to twenty five years to life imprisonment.

This law is a remnant of the country’s.

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