Geothermal power and hydrogen in iceland

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Iceland is now taking a leap into the future of hydrogen. 15 years ago, Iceland built the first commercial hydrogen station (and hosted the first HFC Nordic).

Iceland: A 100% renewables example in the modern era

Currently geothermal power heats 89% of the houses in Iceland, and over 54% of the primary energy used in Iceland comes from geothermal sources. Geothermal power is used for many things in Iceland. % of the energy is used for space heat, 25% is used for electricity, and the remaining amount is used in many miscellaneous areas such as swimming pools, fish farms, and greenhouses.

Nordic Hydrogen and Fuel Cell conference Tuesday Site visit – Hydrogen infrastructure at Hellisheidi Geothermal Power Plant.

About 85% of the total primary energy supply in Iceland is derived from domestically produced renewable energy sources. This is the highest share of renewable energy in any national total energy budget. In geothermal energy provided about 65% of primary energy, the share of hydropower was 20%, and the share of fossil fuels (mainly oil products for the transport sector) was 15%.

Photovoltaic Power Systems (PVPS TCP)

Icelandic geothermal power utility ON Power has announced it will start the experimental production of hydrogen at its Hellisheidi geothermal power plant, near Reykjavik in Iceland. The project is a European research project in collaboration with Icelandic companies Orkan and Iceland New Energy.

Geothermal power and hydrogen in iceland
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