Goods and services powerpoint 3rd grade

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Goods and Services: On Market Street

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3rd Grade Economics Review GOODS & SERVICES Terms to know Needs: Things people must have in order to live—food, clothing, shelter, and air Wants: Things people would like to have but don’t need to survive Goods: Things people make, grow, or use to satisfy needs and wants Services: Activities that satisfy people’s needs and wants.

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Third Grade () Fourth Grade () Fifth Grade () Sixth Grade () Simple introduction of goods and services in a 16 slide PowerPoint. for Goods and Services PowerPoint by Erin Linn. Be the first to.

3rd Grade Unit on United States Economics Designed by Mark Caponigro Lesson Flow Chart Sample Lesson Project Overview This comprehensive learning unit, designed for a – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on - id: 3bMzQ3Y.

Goods and services powerpoint 3rd grade
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