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Electronic waste

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Ina successful, international medical organization in the question of endocrinology and metabolism, The Wide Society, reported data from new idea on animals experimentally treated with BPA. An Ecotax (short for ecological taxation) is a tax levied on activities which are considered to be harmful to the environment and is intended to promote environmentally friendly activities via economic incentives.

Such a policy can complement or avert the need for regulatory (command and control) approaches. Often, an ecotax policy proposal may attempt to maintain overall tax revenue by. Safal Booth (Mother Dairy) A Safal food outlet of the Mother Dairy co-operative was inaugurated in the College premises few years back.

This is a unique initiative and the first of its kind by any college in Delhi. Stage-wise Syllabus for Environmental Education. Mission Statement.

Plastic Pollution

Creating a society of motivated citizens committed to conservation, preservation and protection of the environment and striving towards a life in perfect harmony with nature. To be the leader in chosen markets, for Water purification systems management, by creating and offering sustainable and best-in-technology solutions.

Delhi Public School, Whitefield is a part of the chain of internationally recognised schools functioning under the aegis of the Delhi Public School Society affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi with the affiliation number The school started functioning inin a small building with just over students and 35 teachers.

The energy consumption of buildings is about 25 to 40% of the total energy consumption of the whole society. Hence, it is important to make buildings energy efficient to achieve the sustainability of the world.

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