Multiculturalism and cultural diversity in australian society

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Face the facts: Cultural Diversity

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Face the facts: Cultural Diversity

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A discussion of multiculturalism in Australia from educators’ perspective

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An Australian Multiculturalism Act, to work in conjunction with an Australian Charter of Rights, which would create a framework for multiculturalism and establish clear guiding principles for Australian society to embrace cultural and religious diversity.

Multiculturalism in Australia is today reflected by the multicultural composition of its people, its immigration policies, its prohibition on discrimination, equality before the law of all persons, as well as various cultural policies which promote diversity, such as.


About cultural diversity in Australia. Inpeople from more than countries were approved to become Australian citizens. The vast majority of Australians (84 per cent) believe that multiculturalism has been good for Australia.

Our role. Policy into practice: essays on multiculturalism and cultural diversity in Australian society Abstract The legacy of over two decades of destructive wars and of the Pol Pot regime () forced many.

Recent studies have indicated how cultural diversity works through the economy to benefit Australian society: in areas from tourism, education, and global linkages, to the less definable but nonetheless important assets of general. Jan 17,  · Despite growing cultural diversity, results further indicate that there is a gap between the ideology and the practice of multiculturalism in Australia.

Keywords: Multiculturalism, Australian educators, Thematic analysis.

Multiculturalism and cultural diversity in australian society
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The Success of Australia’s Multiculturalism | Australian Human Rights Commission