Oncology and social media

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Oncology Social Workers Play Important Role in Cancer Care

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5 Ways to Make Social Media Work for Your Oncology Practice

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To Friend or Not to Friend: The Use of Social Media in Clinical Oncology

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Ex- amples of repeating use of social immobility in oncology with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are still. Social media encompass a variety of Web-based and mobile technologies. For oncology professionals, social media may be used for professional networking, interfacing with colleagues and patients, and clinical trials activities.

SGO Social Media Hashtags If you have a Twitter account, use the #SGOMtg hashtag for tweets about the SGO Annual Meeting and all other SGO live meetings. The following hashtags are useful for disease- or event-specific posts.

Oncology and Social Media

Oncology and Social Media LIVESTRONG, an organization created by one of the worlds best cyclists, Lance Armstrong, and cancer survivor, Doug Ulman, has been highly successful in raising awareness and helping the cause against cancer over the past years.

“I think social media gives us a new way to have insight into the cancer experience,” said Dr. Katz, the Medical Director of Radiation Oncology at Lowell General Hospital and a partner in Radiation Oncology Associates. The growth of social media in medicine, particularly oncology, has been impressive.

Oncology Social Work

The uses to date have varied from live reporting of meeting presentations to community development and support. Through social media with broader reach, like Twitter or Instagram, he could have found encouragement and hope from inspiring stories of other cancer patients who were completing treatment and reaching the cancer-free status he was hoping for, he said.

Oncology and social media
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