Parallel data mining and assurance service

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The LSST Data Mining Research Agenda

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Ensure parallel and scalable execution of data mining algorithms. Grid-enable data mining applications without any intervention on the application side. Opt for scalable data mining instead of. Parallel Data Mining and Assurance Service Model Using Hadoop in Cloud Aditya Jadhav, Mahesh Kukreja size of the data to be processed can be increased if data mining is carried out in parallel fashion with the help of the coordinated systems connected in LAN.

But the Data mining is the process of exploration and analysis. The Knowledge Grid is a significant step in the process of studying the unification of knowledge discovery and Grid technologies and defining an integrating architecture for distributed data mining and knowledge discovery based on Grid services.

The demands of mining and analyzing vast amounts of data often lead scientists to supercomputer centers, with their high-performance parallel processors and large-scale hierarchical storage.

Once there, however, clients quickly come face to face with a number of harsh realities. IBM Hybrid Data Management Platform. Do more with your data across sources, types and workloads. A Middleware for Developing and Deploying Scalable Remote Mining Services service state data management, asynchronous notification of state change, service collection (group) manage- ing and performance tuning parallel versions of data mining algorithms.


Parallel Data Mining and Assurance Service Model Using Hadoop in Cloud Parallel data mining and assurance service
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A Web-Based Database Management System Supporting Parallel Data Mining Service on PC Clusters