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Kelly McBride from Poynter.

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· Last month on Poynter, author and writing teacher Roy Peter Clark outlined 10 acts that, according to him, are commonly referred to as plagiarism but actually are not. The article is an interesting read and includes potential misdeeds such as ghostwriting, self-plagiarism and use of /the-varying-ethics-of-plagiarism.

"Plagiarism is the use of someone else’s language, ideas, or other material without making the source(s) evident in situations where there is a legitimate expectation of original work. Plagiarism does not occur when efforts to promptly identify sources by making source use apparent to the audience of the submitted material are Whereas many institutions’ academic integrity policies classify patchwriting as a form of plagiarism – a moral failure – recent research indicates that it occurs as an intermediate stage between copying and summarizing: inexpert critical readers patchwrite when they attempt to paraphrase or Distinguishing between prototypical plagiarism and patchwriting is an important first step in addressing the issue.

Therefore the findings of this study have the potential to strengthen academic standards by allowing weaknesses in the system to be What You Should Do About Plagiarism Check Beginning in the Next 5 Minutes Among the very serious issues of the information which is located on the internet is patchwriting.

The various tools are available on the world wide web whether you are on the move or in your home, you are able to at all times check for duplicated content material in  · To avoid plagiarism and patchwriting, further research is most definitely urgent so that the Iraqi students might be more aware of their misuses of sources and of the misconducting techniques they

Patchwriting and plagiarism check
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