Population growth and environment

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Population and environment: a global challenge

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What Are Environmental Problems Due to Population Growth?

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Population growth

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ADVERTISEMENTS: Effects of Population Growth on our Environment! One of the factors responsible for environment degradation is population growth or population density.

Impact of Environment on Population: Polluted environment also affects adversely the health of people. Table shows the types of pollution, their poisonous elements and effects on health.

Policy Measures: Agricultural and industrial development along with urbanisation and spread of infrastructure combined with population growth has led to environmental degradation. Population growth, especially exponential population growth, results in rapid depletion of resources that leads to environmental problems like deforestation, climate change and decreasing.

Many people worry that unchecked population growth will eventually cause an environmental catastrophe. This is an understandable fear, and a quick look at the circumstantial evidence certainly shows that as our population has increased, the health of our environment has decreased.

Impacts of Population Growth The 20th century was an unprecedented era of population growth. In fact, the global population has more than doubled just sincewhen there were between and 3. Human Population Dynamics; Risk, Exposure, and Health; Agriculture; depending on how quickly the temperature of the environment declines with altitude.

What Are Environmental Problems Due to Population Growth? Population growth and environment
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