Procter and gamble strategy of sustainability

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Procter and Gamble unveil 'sustainability vision' for 2020

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Procter & Gamble’s Corporate Social Responsibility & Stakeholders

Founded inProcter and Gamble are now the world's leading manufacturer of consumer goods, announcing another successful year in their annual report, with net sales reaching $ billion.

Procter and Gamble is an corporation which produces diverse products, and its own ambition is to reach the consumer's demand. P&G commenced in the ; with the theme of development by producing each time another product.

Sustainability Environmental sustainability has been a part of our business for decades. To ensure that you can enjoy the products you love today without sacrificing tomorrow, we’ve put goals in place to help us work toward our long-term vision.

Sep 27,  · Procter & Gamble's announcement today of a new "sustainability vision" is a noteworthy moment -- not just for the world's largest consumer packaged goods company, but for the world of sustainable business.

The Procter & Gamble Company (NYSE: PG) today accelerates its commitment to sustainability by unveiling a long-term environmental sustainability vision.

As part of P&G's strategy to grow responsibly, the Company will work towards a long-term environmental sustainability vision that includes.

Procter and Gamble, the largest consumer packaged goods corporation in the world, has announced a "sustainability vision" for On tap: renewable energy, recycled materials and water conservation.

Procter and gamble strategy of sustainability
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