Relativism and universalism in management practice

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Philosophy of business

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international unethical business practices. Keywords: Ethical Universalism, Business Moral Order, Ethical Relativism Introduction The doctrine of ethical universalism often insist, that moral values must necessarily hold for all men, occasion and societies across cultures regardless of time and space McGraw, ().

Feb 08,  · The big debate on relativism or universalism of morality or the question whether moral standards are universal or dependent on local norms results in three schools of thought, namely moral universalism, moral relativism and integrative social contracts theory.

relativism results in an uncritical acceptance of all moral beliefs as equally valid. Critics of ethical relativism point out that it is illogical to assume that because there is more than one answer to an ethical question that both answers are equally correct ─ or even that.

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Relativism and universalism in management practice
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