Sound source separation azimuth discrimination and resynthesis

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The discrimination results also reflected the confusion caused by the non-monotonic ILD, and they could be predicted approximately by a listener’s identification results. Resynthesis of Acoustic Scenes combining Sound Source Separation and WaveField Synthesis Techniques Author: Cobos Serrano, Maximo´ Director: Lopez.

Human listeners are able to perceptually segregate one sound source from an acoustic mixture, such as a single voice from a mixture of other voices and music at a busy cocktail party. Estimating Source Azimuth from Interaural Cross-Correlation. Sound Localization. Source Separation and Signal Detection.

Distance. A sound reproducing apparatus according to the present invention comprises: an azimuth information extractor for extracting the azimuth information of a sound source from at least one stereo sound information provided as a pair; a touchscreen for displaying an image; a reader for reading a touch state of the touchscreen; and a.

Real-Time Sound Source Separation: Azimuth Discrimination and Resynthesis We present a real-time sound source separation algorithm which performs the task of source separation based on the lateral displacement of a source within the stereo field.

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Sound source separation azimuth discrimination and resynthesis
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