Sql and ruby

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Ruby on Rails: SQL Database & Models

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Using Cloud SQL with Ruby

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I need to write a ruby script to connect to an MS SQL Server database, but all of the threads I've found point to gems to tie ActiveRecord into MS SQL.

sqlplus and Ruby.

Use Ruby to query an Azure SQL database

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How to Connect Ruby to SQL Server from Linux and Unix

Note: If you want sqlplus to exit and return to your ruby program after running the SQL then make sure you include a quit statement at the end of your SQL file. share | improve this answer. edited Apr 28 '10 at Writing SQL Functions in Ruby ().

I just released Amalgalite with a couple of major enhancements. The biggest of which is the ability to write your own scalar and aggregate SQL functions in Ruby. SQL, short for Structured Query Language is a programming language for querying and managing databases. It has its own syntax and different database systems – including Microsoft Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite – all have their own variations of SQL.

This quickstart demonstrates how to use Ruby to create a program to connect to an Azure SQL database and use Transact-SQL statements to query data.

Accessorize Oracle Database with Ruby

Get the connection information needed to connect to the Azure SQL database. You will need the fully qualified server name, database name, and login. Instantiate the equivalent Ruby object of the appropriate model for every resulting row. Run after_find and then after_initialize callbacks, if any.

For more information on the dangers of SQL injection, see the Ruby on Rails Security Guide. Placeholder Conditions.

Sql and ruby
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