Synthesis and growth of hap crystals

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Biomimetic synthesis of oriented hydroxyapatite mediated by nonionic surfactants

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Most commercial samples of "tricalcium phosphate" are in fact hydroxyapatite. It exists as three crystalline polymorphs α, α', and β. Tetrasodium EDTA 40% Liquid. Information on Tetrasodium EDTA Solution. Tetrasodium EDTA is a derivative of Ethylenediamine Tetraacetic Acid. Ethylenediamine Tetraacetic Acid is a Sequestering /.

The synthesis of HAP is thought to follow a nucleation and growth process. First, some small amount of calcite and DCPA dissolve to form ions in the water. With increasing reaction time, two different processes occur on calcite and DCPA particles, respectively.

Research at Bio-Inspired Nanomaterial Lab Brief Introduction. The primary goal of our research program is to create precisely defined, bioinspired nanomaterials that can be used for studying complex interfacial phenomena and as functional materials, devices and therapeutics.

Many techniques for the surface modification of titanium and its alloys have been proposed from the viewpoint of improving bioactivity.


This paper contains an overview of surface treatment methods, including coating with hydroxyapatite (HAp), an osteoconductive compound. There are two types of coating methods: pyroprocessing and hydroprocessing. Rodlike hydroxyapatite (HAp) nanoparticles were synthesized at 60 °C through a biomimetic pathway from Ca(NO3)2·4H2O, H3PO4, and NH4OH.

The polymer polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) as a capping agent was used to regulate the nucleation and crystal growth of HAp crystal. X-ray diffraction results combined with high-resolution transmission electron microscopy indicated that single phase.

Synthesis and growth of hap crystals
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