Transcription and translation

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Difference between Transcription and Translation In DNA

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Transcription And Translation Worksheet Ap Biology

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DNA transcription (basic detail)

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Transcription and Translation Chapter 14 p. Protein Structure Made up of amino acids Polypeptide- string of amino acids 20 amino acids are arranged in different orders to make a variety of proteins Assembled on a ribosome Questions to be answered today How do we get from the bases found in DNA to amino acids?

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Difference between “Transcription” and “Translation” – Explained!

Transcription and translation are both involved in the process of gene expression required for cell functioning. Transcription is the copying down of genes in the genome into RNA pieces.


Translation is the decoding of the mRNA into proteins. ADVERTISEMENTS: Some of the major difference between Transcription and Translation are as follows: Transcription: 1. It is formation of RNA from DNA. ADVERTISEMENTS: 2. The template is antisense strand of DNA.

3. It occurs inside the nucleus in eukaryotes and cytoplasm in prokaryotes. 4. The raw materials are four types of ribo-nucleoside triphosphates — ATP, [ ].

translation of the information encoded in the nucleotides of mRNA into a defined sequence of amino acids in a protein (discussed in Gene Translation: RNA → Protein).

In eukaryotes, transcription takes place in the nucleus, translation later on in the cytosol.

Transcription and translation
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Transcription and Translation | Basic Biology